Wednesday Lunch Plenary — At the Crossroads: Arts, Tourism and the Creative Economy

November 4, 2015 @ 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm America/Denver Timezone

Every corner of the world has its own signature music, art, and literature. There’s something magic in every land. The state of Mississippi, like New Mexico, has a depth of cultural richness that few regions can rival. Writers, painters, potters, visual artists, and performing artists call the region home. For visitors who wish to experience the richness of Mississippi culture, two trails programs help them navigate the wealth of the Mississippi’s musical heritage: the Mississippi Blues Trail and the Mississippi Country Music Trail. These trails engage visitors, support local artists, and contribute to the creative economy. Whether a trail is local, regional or statewide, all communities benefit from the artistic and economic activity that a trail provides. As the former director of Mississippi’s state arts agency and its current tourism director, Malcolm White is especially qualified to share his experience successfully developing trails and other programs in an arts-rich and rural state.


Malcolm White, Director, Tourism Division, Mississippi Development Authority