Conference Calendar

#8. Great Streets, Great Places! (Placemaking Track)
Nov 5 @ 10:15 am – 11:45 am

Creative Placemaking, Tactical Urbanism, Better Blocks, Streets as Places, and similar programs are emerging interdisciplinary movements that can be dynamic processes for engaging, empowering and transforming communities.  These movements focus on the public realm as their physical areas for implementation, which include public highways, streets, parks and vacant public spaces.  In New Mexico, they often occur in the historic core of a town center.  In the process of revitalizing and re-activating these places, there can be complications arising due to transportation policies with the New Mexico Department of Transportation, or protecting the historic integrity by the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division.  This session will overview these movements and through examples of case studies around the state, illustrate how some of these issues are now being resolved through creative collaborations and partnerships between the local governments, state agencies, and local organizations involved in economic development and the arts, to stimulate action toward common and positive community-building efforts.


Cynthia Nikitin, Senior Vice-President, Project for Public Spaces


Bill Hutchinson, State Landscape Architect, New Mexico Department of Transportation

Barbara Zook, Architectural Project Reviewer, New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Charlie Deans, Urban Planning Program Associate, New Mexico MainStreet

#10. IN-FIELD WALKING WORKSHOP — Placemaking: Making It Happen NM-Style (Placemaking Track)
Nov 5 @ 1:31 pm – 5:15 pm


PPS’s Placemaking: Making it Happen is an educational course that builds on participants’ knowledge of Placemaking concepts and provides the tools to implement and manage Placemaking projects.   This session will be exciting and creative because it will adapt PPS’s Placemaking course to include a New Mexico-version of their Place Game evaluation tool that will be used on the Santa Fe plaza and surrounding streets.  The participants will be organized into small teams and led around the plaza by team leaders from various disciplines (Arts, Transportation, Historic Preservation, and  MainStreet) to conduct the Place Game evaluation tool.  There will be a debrief session afterwards with each team reporting back their observations and evaluations of the plaza as a public place.  The participants will learn how to evaluate public spaces and take these lessons and techniques back to their own community to begin to transform their public places into dynamic and revitalized centers.


Cynthia Nikitin, Senior Vice-President, Project for Public Spaces


Roxanne Swentzell, Native American clay artist and sculptor


Bill Hutchinson, New Mexico Department of Transportation

Pilar Cannizzaro, New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Karla McWilliams, New Mexico Historic Preservation Division

Jenice Gharib, New Mexico Arts

Charlie Deans, New Mexico MainStreet

William Powell, New Mexico MainStreet

Roxanne Swentzell