Conference Calendar

# 3. Flashes of Inspiration
Nov 4 @ 3:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Similar in spirit to the many PechaKuchaTM and IgniteTM events around the world, Building Creative Communities’ Flashes of Inspiration is a 30-minute session that will include an array of fast-paced and highly visual presentations designed to inform and inspire in only five minutes apiece. We’re inviting all conference attendees to send in submissions. Five submissions will be chosen to present their organization or community’s great program or fresh idea in exactly five minutes (strict time limits apply).

How You Can Participate

If you have an innovative program or successful initiative that you would like considered for Flashes of Inspiration 2015, please fill out our very short submission form telling us about your idea. The submission deadline is September 25. If you are interested in participating we ask that you complete the form by that time.

We are especially interested in presentations that feature creative approaches to placemaking, technology, transportation, cultural landscapes, and corridors, trails, and byways of all kinds. However, if you have an exciting activity focusing on a different topic, don’t hesitate—all entries are welcome. No activity is “too small” to count. Sometimes great things come in little packages!

If you have any questions, please contact Jenice Gharib (505-827-6492) at New Mexico Arts. We look forward to receiving your proposal!


Jenice Gharib, Grants Program Manager, New Mexico Arts

#4. Growing Creative Entrepreneurs and Their Businesses
Nov 4 @ 3:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Join us for a brief introduction on how creative entrepreneurs are starting businesses with the support and assistance of business incubators. Explore what a creative business incubator does and how it differs – or not – from traditional business incubators. Learn how you can support creative entrepreneurs in your own community.



Alice Loy, Co-founder, Creative Startups